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When the Readings appear, there are three areas of information to select: Positions, Meanings, and Categories. 

Let’s start with Meanings. That will give the overall delineation for each Celebrant/Card. It will explain in the most detail what describes a Celebrant’s import, regardless of the Question, and their delineations are the longest. Eventually, once someone has done enough readings, they will understand what the Celebrant means in any circumstance. As they appear more frequently, and how they might relate to certain questions, their general sense will become familiar.

With Categories, those meanings are applied to five Categories: Love and Relationships, Career, Business, Education, and Health, all of which can be expanded to include areas of experience that are related to them. An example is Love and Relationships can also include broader social relationships that are not intimate or romantic; Career can also include work, and certain goals; Business involves economy, finance, and material exchanges between people; Education may also be applied to learning experiences outside of institutional settings. Health may also include psychological conditions, and environmental influences on health. As with Meanings, there is a general sense in these delineations, and they can be applied to any situation, but within the areas of their respective categories. 

With Positions, their delineations offer an insight that can be an accent for that Celebrant. Of the three areas for selection, it is the most specifically related to the situation compared to Meanings and Categories. While it is the briefest, sometimes only two sentences, it denotes how the Celebrant is modified in the most singular way according to its position. As with the Ascendant or Rising Sign in astrology, where the key orientation of the chart indicated, likewise for the Position for a given Celebrant. When first reading the delineations for the Celebrants, I often read the Position delineation first. It suggests the tone and application for the Celebrant. This is helpful when a Celebrant whose Meaning or Category implies a given characteristic, yet in the circumstance of the reading, as implied by the Position selection, there might be a different orientation, influenced by the  Celebrant’s position. 

Note that with the image for this article, with King In His Study, in the “Apex Position” for that reading, the Position delineation will give the specific insight for what that Celebrant means as a result or direction, as opposed to the general idea of the Meaning. Sifting through all of the possible selections, can help to expand the range of possibilities, for example, reading more than one Category, such as combining Love and Relationships with Career can offer a view into relationships with co-workers, or Business and Education might describe necessary training.  Or reading all 5 categories can give an extensive or comprehensive view.