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The formation of the Question, its phrasing, enables distinct results. For some readings when time permits, the querent should go through a meditative process before shuffling the cards, whether using an actual deck, or from this site. The process entails evolving the idea or question. A picture develops, and the response from the cards will have more clarity and relevance. At times, the answer can actually be discerned through the evolution of the question before the cards are spread.



One should avoid trying to direct the results. It is possible, through our mental ability, to influence the appearance of certain cards by wishing or focusing on a card that seems favorable; She Brings the Gift of Music is one of the most favorable, and in wishing for it, we might bring it in a Triangle (the Equinox Celebration spread). Or, our fears might bring a more troublesome Celebrant, like Sensory, or In Defiance of Definition. Because there is no “Good” or “Bad” in the Equinox Celebration concept, the “troublesome” Celebrants can be healthy, and lead to a constructive awareness of the situation that might otherwise be missed.



The Equinox Celebration Tarot describes the context and the “Weather” more than it answers Yes or No. By describing the environment and the energies of the situation, one is able to have a creative approach and not be fatalistic. The Equinox Celebration will show the result and direction of the Question, and in that way it gives an indication of the Future.



To absorb the meaning of a Triangle, some emptiness is necessary. Receptivity allows for the absorption of what the cards may reveal. By being flexible and to not hold onto presumptions and fears we can see the direction of the cards.